Coding Interview Prep


Coding Interview Prep

Coding interview preparation is essential for aspiring software developers or engineers looking to land a job in the tech industry. Coding interviews assess a candidate’s problem-solving skills, algorithmic knowledge, and coding proficiency.


Introduction to Algorithms

Algorithms are a fundamental concept in computer science and programming. An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure or set of instructions used to solve a specific problem or perform a specific task. They serve as the backbone of software development and are essential for writing efficient, scalable, and reliable programs.

Data Structures

Introduction to Data Structures

Data structures are fundamental concepts in computer science that enable the efficient organization, storage, and manipulation of data. They provide a way to represent and manage data in a structured and organized manner, facilitating various operations and algorithms in software development.

Take Home Projects

Introduction to Take Home Projects

Take-home projects are a common part of the hiring process for software developers and engineers. They are assignments or coding challenges given to job applicants, which they can complete at their own pace and submit within a specified deadline. Take-home projects allow candidates to showcase their skills, problem-solving abilities, and coding proficiency in a real-world scenario.

Rosetta Code

Introduction to Rosetta Code

Rosetta Code is a collaborative programming website and a repository of code examples that aim to solve various programming tasks in multiple programming languages. The platform’s goal is to provide solutions to common programming challenges in different languages, allowing developers to compare and learn various approaches and programming paradigms.

Project Euler

Project Euler

Project Euler is a popular online platform that offers a collection of challenging mathematical and computational problems for programmers to solve. The problems are designed to be both intriguing and educational, requiring creative and efficient solutions using algorithms and programming techniques.