Experience the power of 3D web and metaverse with XRCLOUD

affordable, fast, and versatile features and design.

You can create a website bus faster and cheaper like making a homepage.
It provides all the features of the proven Mozilla Hub opensource,
and provides additional features necessary for site operation and development.
Prepare your web services for the XR Spatial Computing era with XRCLOUD.

Create your own metaverse in 15 minutes

with no app install required.

Have you ever wanted to create a metaverse space but didn’t know where to start?

Say goodbye to the complexity of creating your own metaverse with XRCLOUD.

Customize your space with web editors, share it with links, and easily integrate it with existing web services with web APIs

What can you do with a metaverse space?

There's a lot more to it than just the examples we'll show you.

Check out the more features that XRCLOUD which based world

best most used web metaverse open source project

XR Standard Open Metaverse

Developed on top of the Mozilla Hub, a metaverse open project that supports XR devices. It promises web standards compatibility and continuous updates.

Features for event organizers

Provides the same-size voice announcements, screen sharing, participant voice, and behavior management control regardless of spatial distance.

Features for operators

Channel capabilities that automatically grow with the number of participants, real-time announcements to the metaverse, and user statistics.

Large-scale user events

Supports real-time voice and chat communication for large-scale events with dozens, hundreds, or more participants.


XRCLOUD is Korean Goverment validated cloud based reliable Metaverse infrastructure


Secure Metaverse cloud that does not store user personal information


Deliver only the information you need and expand easily with certified API integration development


Plan for General Users

  • Storage space : 500MB
  • 1 Hubs Room for up to 10 simultaneous users


Personal website, plan for developers

  • Storage space : 2GB
  • 5 Hubs Room for up to 25 simultaneous users

$ 6.66 /month


Plans for commercial development

  • Storage space : 25GB
  • Create an unlimited Hubs Room for up to 1,000 simultaneous users (additional charges for use by more than 25 people)
  • Using the User Domain

$ 77 /month


  • Dedicated infrastructure, various customizations separate, Korean Goverment validated cloud

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