Data Analysis with Python


Data Analysis with Python

Data analysis with Python is a process of extracting insights and knowledge from data using Python programming language and its associated libraries. Python has become a popular choice for data analysis due to its simplicity, versatility, and the availability of powerful libraries that facilitate data manipulation, visualization, and statistical analysis.


TensorFlow is an open source framework that makes machine learning and neural networking easier to use.
The following video course was created by Tim Ruscica, also known as “Tech With Tim”. It will help you to understand TensorFlow and some of its powerful capabilities.

How Neural Networks Work

Neural networks are at the core of what we call artificial intelligence today. But historically they’ve been hard to understand. Especially for beginners in the machine learning field.
Even if you are completely new to neural networks, these video courses by Brandon Rohrer will get you comfortable with the concepts and the math behind them.

Machine Learning with Python Projects

Machine learning has many practical applications. By completing these free and challenging coding projects, you will demonstrate that you have a good foundational knowledge of machine learning, and qualify for your Machine Learning with Python certification.