Scientific Computing with Python


Scientific Computing with Python

Scientific computing with Python refers to using the Python programming language and its libraries to perform numerical and scientific computations. Python has become increasingly popular in the scientific community due to its ease of use, extensive libraries, and active developer community. It provides a powerful and flexible platform for data analysis, visualization, simulations, and other scientific tasks.

Python for Everybody

Python for everybody is a free video course series that teaches the basics of using Python 3.
The courses were created by Dr. Charles Severance (also known as Dr. Chuck). He is a Clinical Professor at the University of Michigan School of Information, where he teaches various technology-oriented courses including programming, database design, and web development.

Scientific Computing with Python Projects

Time to put your Python skills to the test. By completing these projects, you will demonstrate that you have a good foundational knowledge of Python and qualify for the Scientific Computing with Python Certification.